We regularly inform people about Dêrik and the self-government of northern and eastern Syria at events and film presentations. Among other things, we have shown film evenings about Northern Syria and photo exhibitions about Dêrik and the position of women in Northern Syria. In cooperation with Dest Dan, the Kurdish Women’s Council in Berlin, we have held several events on the topic of “women’s liberation”. In cooperation with committees of the German teachers union GEW, we regularly inform about the development of the education system in Northern and Eastern Syria. We also organized an event on the ecological situation in northern Syria with the initiative “Make Rojava Green Again“.

The Corona pandemic has also impacted our association in its activities. A women’s delegation from Dêrik planned for November 2020 was postponed to 2021. Instead, a video conference with the northern Syrian women’s organisation Kongreya Star on the topic of “Economic dependency as a means of repression“ took place in November 2020. With our homepage in Kurdish and Arabic language we want to inform the Syrian fellow citizens in Berlin and the people in Dêrik about our town twinning and its activities. Our flyer is now also available in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish and English. The flyer and this brochure can be ordered from us at the email address below.