Sewing workshop for Yezidis

At the end of 2018, we raised €2,500 with a fundraising campaign to set up a sewing workshop in the Yezidi refugee camp “Newroz” near Dêrik. From this, 9 sewing machines could be bought, which later, in summer 2019, moved with the Yezidis from Newroz Camp back to Shengal City, where the sewing workshop was opened.

Nursery school bus for Dêrik

Another project had to be postponed to an undetermined date because it is very difficult to get funding for the region.
Together with the Free Woman’s Foundation ‘WJAS’, we want to finance a kindergarten bus in Dêrik, which can take the children to the only multicultural, multilingual kindergarten in the area. There is no public transport in our twin town. Therefore, parents have to take their children to the kindergarten or school by car. Lower income families are therefore disadvantaged. We would like to change that.

Mobile Clinic (Health care bus) for the suburbs of Dêrik

Since the end of 2019, we have been collecting donations together with the Free Woman’s Foundation ‘WJAS’ for a Mobile Clinic Bus for health care in the surrounding villages of Dêrik. Initially, the Mobile Clinic Bus service was planned as a sustainable contribution to improving the health situation of women and children in the villages and structurally weak regions where medical care is not currently available.
Since the beginning of the invasion by the Turkish military in October 2019, this appeal for donations had an urgent need. There were countless injured, including many women and children. More than 300,000 refugees were on the move, in urgent need of medical care. Many citizens donated to the purchase of the vehicle. Within a short period of time, the money was collected through donations to purchase the vehicle. Because of the Corona pandemic starting in spring 2020, the Mobile Clinic had to be implemented rapidly. We were fortunate that the Landesentwicklungszentrale Berlin included a Corona programme for Berlin’s development policy projects to the budget at short notice.

So after buying the vehicle, we were also able to finance the equipment of the vehicle.

Since mid-October 2020, the Mobile Clinic, which is still in the process of being set up, has started operation in the surrounding countryside of Dêrik. To ensure that the Mobile Clinic can continue its work, we will still collect donations for the supply of medicines.